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The 10 Best Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Modern Living Room

Nothing beats a ceiling fan on a hot summer night. Upgrade your living room decor with glamorous influence, the crystal ceiling fan is a pioneered combination of the traditional ceiling fan and modern crystal chandelier. Casting a refreshing breeze while illuminating, this dramatic ceiling fan makes the living room irresistibly welcoming.

Here an elegant ceiling light sets the glamorous tone for this room. Taking cues from a sputnik-inspired silhouette, this semi flush mount ceiling light brings a splash of mid-century modern flair as it illuminates your living room. The luxurious brushed brass finish and classic globe shape complete an elegant yet distinctive look. provides a cozy atmosphere. Whether you are reading or relaxing, this glam fixture gives you enough lights and provides a cozy atmosphere.


A dramatic chandelier is a stylish necessity in a modern living room. Warming up the boring living room, this sputnik chandelier adds a dramatic charm to this glam living room. With branching arm design, the glass globe sputnik chandelier with different direction globes will greatly broaden your illumination area and make a bold statement in a living area.

Illuminate your room in ultra-contemporary style with this iconic firework crystal chandelier! Creates an impressive firework in the modern style living room, the distinctive chandelier is a beautiful enhancement that elevates the look of the space. Plus, this adjustable firework crystal chandelier has a contemporary look with a modern design which makes it ideal for every space in your home, ideal for highlighting your living room in luxury style.

Blending modern style from modified sputnik design, the globe sputnik chandelier adds a dramatic charm to this glam living room. This sputnik chandelier is the cherry on top of this dining room that adds to the room's one-of-kind appearance. Ideal for living room settings or entryways, these space-aged inspired pieces are so versatile they can be incorporated into a variety of interiors.

Classic elements collide in this living room. With architectural two-light armed sconce, the swing arm wall lamp adds a touch of modern cool to any room. Two curvilinear lines linking with the round and angular aluminum shade make a sense of mystery. This swing arm wall lamp featuring a matte finish the shade completes the sophisticated look when paired with the arm. This wall lamp provides ample focused illumination, making a statement in any modern living room.

Hang this elegant chandelier in your living room where it can be enjoyed as a focal point. Exquisitely crafted from metal with a brass gold Finish, this modern chandelier’s round frame gives way to a glass light shades for a dash of depth and dimension. Tied to a luxury gold frame, these creamy-white glass light shades will highlight the beauty of your home while casting an elegant glow. 

A distinctive design can illuminate the heart of a living room. Giving your living room a timeless sophistication, this modern linear chandelier is defined by its simple shape and balanced form. This glass sphere shades linear chandelier features staggered rows of six vivid glass globe suspended. Crafted from metal in a satin gold finish, the modern linear chandelier featuring a distinctive design, which can adjust in length to suit your space.


As much a work of art as a lighting fixture, chandeliers elevate the look of any space. Defined by its striking sputnik silhouette sparked by the Space Race, this chandelier is perfectly at home in modern and contemporary aesthetics. Adjustable crossing arms allow you to rearrange it to the desired shape and light direction. Greeting guests with a warm and welcoming glow, this sputnik inspired chandelier is perfect for a living room in need of a little modern illumination.

An elegant living room needs a glamourous lighting fixture. As a tribe to the traditional crystal chandelier, the modern cluster bubble chandelier showcases an iconic design of the cluster bubble. Sparkle from every angle, each bubble embodies form and function in perfect harmony. This dramatic bubble chandelier makes a striking statement and brings a shimmering aesthetic into the modern living room. 



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